Wednesday, March 01, 2006


So back in May, after we had been here for just a month or so, I wrote this post about mental maps and the challenge of learning a new city.

I'd feel like San Francisco was really home, I said, when I knew the following:

1) A good pizza place that delivers
2) Sushi within walking distance
3) Ice cream within walking distance that's just far enough away
4) A brunch place where you don't have to stand in line
5) Dim Sum, ibid
6) That place you recommend to visitors
7) That place with the young chef who just needs one good review
8) The place with the rice pudding
9) An Indian restaurant with puffy breads
10) The place where you meet friends for drinks
11) The place that becomes "your place."

So here's a progress report:

1) Pizza: The one decent delivery place we've found so far is Pizza Express. We'd like to do better.

2) Sushi: Success! Deep Sushi is a mere ten-minute walk away.

3) Ice cream that's just far enough away: That would be Mitchell's.

4) Brunch, no line: In San Francisco? Impossible. But if you get up early, you can sneak into Tartine.

5) Dim Sum: I can't believe I said "ibid." Anyway, it's City View, before 10:30 a.m..

6) Where to send visitors: That's easy. Everybody loves the Ferry Building.

7) The young chef: Can't say enough good things about Dennis Leary at Canteen.

8) Rice pudding: Help! We haven't found any good rice pudding yet...

9) Puffy Indian breads: Of the places we've tried so far, Naan n' Chutney is the puffiest.

10) Place to meet for drinks: That would require me to actually meet friends for drinks. Seriously, we'd all rather eat.

11) The place that becomes "your place": Aw, that's cute. Can't say we've found The One. But nothing beats Saturday mornings at the farmers market with Scott.


Mone said...

So your feeling at home now?
SF is the most beautifull city in the world and I was lucky to live there for about three years. I will be back someday...

BullBunky said...

I would have to agree with your assessment of the pizza delivery. Even pizza extreme leaves me disappointed. I am a big fan of Escape From New York in person by the slice, but they don't translate in delivery very well.

Amy said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I'll go check it out.