Wednesday, December 14, 2005

But enough about you

Apartment number one tagged me a couple of days ago, and I've been remiss. Here are the rules:

Post 10 weird and random facts about yourself, then at the end, list the names of 5 more suckers bloggers.

I do enjoy a good meme. Here goes:

1. I hate overhead lighting.

2. I like to cultivate a handful of quirks like #1.

3. Not that I made them up, but I'm not doing much to get over them, either.

4. I TiVo Starting Over every day, and when Scott's out of town, I watch it for hours.

I was in the cast of the first American musical to tour China.

I love Cream of Wheat.

7. If I had to choose between a 7-course wine dinner and a drive-in movie, I'd take the drive-in every time. A 4-course dinner? It's a toss-up.

8. I think all desserts should have salt.

9. Mark Bittman is my culinary role model.

10. Some day, I want to sell pies out of a reconditioned ice cream truck.

Now I'm tagging:
McPolack Inc.
Feed and Supply
Mona's Apple
and Rachael of Fresh Catering


posthipchick said...

Have you had the salted carmels?

Amy said...

Yes! And I love slightly salty chocolate desserts, too.

Mona said...

AAAH! I just tuned in and low and behold..I'm tagged. This should be fun! I'm coming out to CA in 9 days I am soooooooo excited!

Salbert said...

I'm sad, you never mentioned me...... (weeping helplessly)

Mona said...

By the way, those are great. That's so funny about lighting.I hate it too! I can barely go in dressing rooms to try clothes on because I hate the frickin lighting in most department stores :)
As for drive-ins. I'm right there with you, but sadly have never ever been to one!! I would love to go someday!!

Mimi said...

1. I hate price stickers you can't get off.
2. I hate the idiotic little stickers on each individual piece of fruit you can't get off.
3. I hate signs in dressing rooms such as "To serve you better, we ask that you return clothes to the rack." How does that serve me better?
4. I hate people who say "God only gives you what he knows you can handle." What they really mean is, "Suck it up, sister!"
5. I hate people who repeat inane cliches: "I'm the kind of person who believes in doing unto others..." and "I think when life hands you lemons..."
Well, that's only half, but I'm such a angelic personality, I just love everybody and everything else I come in contact with.
Favorite blogs? "Ah Yes, Medical School," "The Language Guy," and my own "My Weight and Welcome to It: Mimi's Musings," which is maybe not something that will appeal to 99.9 % of the population...

Apartment Number One said...

Yay! Thanks for playing. I love Cream of Wheat too, it's my favorite breakfast comfort food.

I'm all for the pie truck!

DinaLove said...

YES!! Salt in desserts! Thank you! (Nobody ever believes me.) I'm also big on nutmeg in savory dishes like sauteed spinach and pasta alfredo.

Oh, and btw, I work with Mark Bittman's daughter. How jealous are you? (Love him!!)

Happy Holidays!