Sunday, June 12, 2005

All the little live things

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One of my favorite things about the California food scene is the healthy sense of entitlement people have about their access to organic, local, seasonal food. As a New England food editor, I tried to beat the "eat locally" drum as much as possible, but that's a lot harder to do when the growing season is five months long. Here, you can take year-round farmer's markets for granted.

Last weekend, we went to see a screening of Cinema Paradiso in Washington Square Park (dinner: sandwiches from Mario's, weather: frigid). They opened with a short called Grocery Store Wars, a 5-minute Star Wars spoof in which a band of organic vegetables battles the evil forces of agribusiness and genetic modification. Cuke Skywalker, Chewbroccoli, Tofu D2, and Obi Wan Cannoli (never mind a cannoli carrying the organics torch) battle Darth Tater, emboldened by The Farm, a benevolent force for all things good and compostable.

When Cuke rescued Princess Lettuce and blew up the Death Melon, the crowd roared its approval. Those film series planners sure know their audience...

I spent most of last week on a wine tour of Colorado. Yes, Colorado. More to come on that as soon as I catch my breath.

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