Thursday, September 14, 2006

Land of enchantment

We were in New Mexico recently, where I lived for a couple of years in my twenties. It was beautiful, restorative, delicious, and unbelievably green. They've had more rain than usual this summer -- more than the ground can absorb, actually, so there have been problems with flooding. But it was also edenic. Imagine that dramatic landscape in shades of sage and grass and blue. Every time you turn around, your mouth drops.
One of the best moments was returning to Leona's of Chimayo for lunch. If you ever make it to New Mexico, do not miss the opportunity to eat there. Fantastic carne adovada, great tamales, fresh tortillas, and Leona herself, surrounded by grandkids.

Even though Leona's is a destination restaurant with a popular mail-order business on the side, it's still run out of the same little ramshackle stand next to the Sanctuario. You'd still get wet if a hard rain came down at the right angle. Not much seems to change in New Mexico, and that's a nice thing.

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