Monday, January 30, 2006

Sundance, snow pants

Spent most of last week at Sundance, working on a travel story, watching "films," turning 35, doing a little skiing, and a fair amount of eating.

35 is big. Not old, but big. No more pretending to be in your post-grad years. No more playing young and stupid when you mess up. MTV doesn't want you anymore (fine, it was never that good anyway, we were going in different directions). Looking ahead to something that looks differe
nt from the last 15 years.

But on to the festival. A quick recap:

Celebrity sightings: Maggie Gyllenhaal (prettier in person), Justin Timberlake (shorter in person, but aren't they always?), some guy from Metallica (just what you'd expect).

Favorite movie: American Blackout (Hey, turns out one person can make a difference!)

Restaurants visited: Zoom, Chimayo, Chez Betty. Chimayo was the favorite, but I gotta say, when you live in San Francisco, you're grading on a curve most everwhere else.

Yikes, does that mean I've become one of them?


Brent said...

I ate at Chimayo a couple of weeks ago--thought that the food and service was fantastic. A better experience than La Folie this past weekend, although of course my expectations were very different for the two. Given a choice, I'd go back to Chimayo.

Butterbemme said...

yeeeah, Metallica! But on a film festival? OK! Noone stay young ;-)
Who was it? Kirk Hammett?

Mona said...

I'm afraid so....
Happy Belated Birthday!! 35 or 15 :) I hope you had fun at Sundance, it sure sounds like it. I hear you on the no place like home thing (as far as restaurants are concerned), unless of course you go to France or Europe or something...
That is funny about the Metallica dude. And not suprising in the least bit about J.T. I wonder if Cameron Diaz is taller than him, she always seemed so tall and lanky.
I have a question for you but rather than discuss it over your blog would you mind emailing me? My email is on my blog. Whenever you get a chance :) Thanks Amy!

Butterbemme said...

I forgot:
Happy belated birthday. (I think, my decent education is gone *g*)

Cuarentayuno said...

You don't call... you never write... you have become one of them! I still love you, though :*