Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Better latte than never

Behold the best chai latte I've ever had. It's from the Pine Cone Diner in lovely Point Reyes Station.

What made it so good? No added sugar, so you can control the sweetness; just the right amount of spice and heat; and a nice crown of foam. Surprising how hard it is to find that, even here in latte land.

Photo: Kirsner's cell phone


Mona said...

Oh man, I'm a huge chai latte fan. The best one I've ever had was in Pacific Grove, at this cute little bakery near Fandango...The name escapes me right now-rats!! But yah, nobody makes a good one, and especially NOT frickin' Starbucks. Now I just make them give me soy milk with the tea bag instead because I will not go near their syrup-y concoction.

karrie said...

oh boy! That latte sounds fabulous! Not too sweet, all froth, smmoth...mmmmmm. I LOVE visiting your blog!

David said...

Happy birthday, Amy!

Amy said...

Hey, thanks!

I'm writing from Park City, UT today, working on a travel story. Not a bad place to spend a birthday.