Friday, June 30, 2006

This could become a habit

I've been razzed about my former Myst fixation (which really is embarassing, actually). And I've been razzed for my love of "Starting Over" (which I am now totally over). But I take pride in my new obsession: Kombucha! Fermented tea leaves with fruit juice. Get 'em while they're hot, folks!

Scott thinks they taste like straight cider vinegar*. I think they taste like a fizzy, fruity, mild vinegar-y blend. There's a difference. The company claims they're a potent detox formula, and I do find that my energy level is higher when I drink them. But mostly, as I try to progressively wean myself off of sugar, I just like the way they taste.

And I'm not the only one. I bought my first bottle on a whim at Whole Foods. Then I noticed one of our photo editors drinking one. And she said that the other photo editor drinks them, too. And yesterday at the store, a woman saw them in my cart and said, "Oooh, where did you find those?? I can't stop drinking them!"

Which begs the question: Do they put crack in these things, or am I just living in California?

*In my original post, I wrote that Scott said they taste like puke, but he took exception to that characterization. "They're not that bad," he said.


McPolack said...

I don't know about the crack...I have a cousin who, while showing me her first home, introduced me to her two tea mushrooms, living in the unfinished room upstairs. I drank a few sips of the brew downstairs...not to my liking. But then I read an article about a woman who kept her own tea mushroom for 8 years...she named it Ethel.

Life Happens said...

A more organic energy booster is ginger tea with honey.

Drink Up!

~Life Happens

karrie said...

I drank Kombucha faithfully about ten years ago, to help groe my hair back after shaving it off on a whim. Fantastic stuff!

Amy said...

Y'know, now that you mention it, my nails have never looked better. Usually, they break just beyond the nub stage, but yesterday I had to cut them down because they were too long!