Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Wine before noon, a little too soon

I am the tiniest bit, ahem, buzzed at the moment, having just bellied up to the tasting table at work. I always feel a little bamboozled when I drink before 3pm. We're working on a "shockingly perfect wine pairings" piece, matching some down-market foods with nice (but not too expensive) wines. The results are fun and surprising, but I can't spill the beans. We know where that leads.

I can't say we drink a lot at work (and we do spit). But it came as a shock. We're drinking? At work? In the middle of the day? And not getting fired? But then I realized, duh. We're in the West. They make wine here. We write about it.

You don't realize how much you've absorbed the values of one place until you leave it, and I see Boston's puritanical streak more vividly now. When I first moved there, you couldn't buy liquor on Sundays (that law was repealed in 2003). And I didn't realize what a New Englander I was until I came here, where every supermarket has at least three wine aisles, and found it--to my chagrin--kinda shocking.

I enjoyed wine in Boston. I am Italian, after all. Gotta, um, represent. But on some, nearly inaudible level, the glass came with a voice that said, "Ah, partaking of the demon liquor, are ye?"

This way is better.

(and I keep having to go back and edit this piece. Blame the demon.)


The Real Eve said...

"I enjoyed plenty of wine in Boston. I am Italian, after all. Gotta, um, represent. "

yeah...i'm italian 2, so i feel you. a couple weeks ago i went 2 a wine festival and finished 4 bottles of wine. the festival ended at 5. (keyword there is ended) ;)

Mimi said...

Love your blog and plan to make your grandmother's apple crisp soon.

Salbert said...

In Florida, we got nothing. By the way, now that I got power back I'll make Mary Q's Apple Crisp.

click here to see hurricane pics said...

We are praying for Wilma victims. The only thing they are cooking is boiling water to drink.

I for one plan to send a donation to help.